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About Pegie

While I grew up in North Carolina, my roots are on the prairie near Faith, South Dakota. And now I have returned to Hill City, SD in the beautiful Black Hills.

I retired as a Special Education Teacher after 20 years with the North Carolina school system. Before retiring, I enjoyed singing and creating original songs.

I discovered South Dakota's first poet laureate, Badger Clark, while visiting the area. Since 2007, I have set twenty of his poems to music. I have enjoyed living in the Black Hills since 2019 and performing these songs throughout South Dakota and other parts of the West. I also gave tours of the Badger Clark cabin in Custer State Park.

In 2012, I created the show: THE LIFE AND MUSIC OF BADGER CLARK to be performed at the Tatanka Barn Theater at Custer State Park. This hour long show features stories about Badger Clark's life and his poetry set to music.

In 2020, I will debuted my newest program, THE LIFE AND MUSIC OF HANK WILLIAMS: THE HAPPY ROVIN' COWBOY. 

In 2023, I was inducted into the Legends of Dakota Country Music Hall of Fame.

I am a scholar and participant with the South Dakota Humanities Council Speakers Bureau.

I now devote my life to music and sharing it with others.

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